Modesty in Motion Girl (MIM)

About AIM’s initiative (MIM and SON)
Artistry is Ministry (AIM) has an initiative called Modesty in Motion (MIM) Girl and Seed of Nobility (SON). The purpose of the initiative is to help youth realize their value and authenticity by setting SMART goals while being Poised, Persistent and Positive. This initiative is meant to help youth in conjunction with other organizations’ programs. AIM collaborates with other stakeholders who are passionate about building strong youth into confident adults and help them set and accomplish SMART goals through workshops and other events. It is important for youth to set internal and external goals, practice good etiquette, and model healthy interactive behavior with each other. AIM sees the value of helping youth ages 10-13 to have a strong foundation upon entering high school. Youth over 13 can become MIM and SON Ambassadors.


Participants can be enrolled in

  • year-round after school program

  • summer enrichment program

  • set at least 2 or more SMART goals

  • try to accomplish within three to six months.


Seed of Nobility (SON)

Participants can get help with setting goals from program coordinators, parents/guardians, mentors or other individuals, who can help track and chart progress of their outcomes. At the end of the program cycle AIM would like to coordinate with organizations to host an annual Modesty in Motion Achievement Awards ceremony. This could be in the form of a breakfast, luncheon or dinner event.

Interested in learning more or signing up children ages 10-13?

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