Are you looking to host a fundraising event, convention, conference, symposium, workshop, empowerment session, other event, or work on a project?  Here is a unique way to collaborate and promote theatrical arts, other forms of artistry and facilitate a community discussion.  Let's schedule a meeting to see how we can collaborate. 

I AM My Hair featured at the Loft on Crescent ​

This is a one woman production that shares the stories of five different characters, who are faced with issues of self image, acceptance, and conforming to be socially accepted by society. 

Social Cinema feature Tobacco Burn film

In celebration of Black History month. Join is for an opportunity to view, discuss and take action about issues concerning our lives and our communities. This event is FREE and will feature the award winning short film Tobacco Burn, directed by Justin Liberman.

I AM My Hair featured at Solo Show Festival

I Am My Hair was chosen as a solo play submission and will be featured at The Flying Solo Festival during May 2016 at the Secret Theatre in New York. The festival features seasoned veterans 
and rising stars from all over. 

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